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Reaching Apex Through Media Production.

In 2023 it's almost obvious how important media is in getting your message out. 

Even more important, is that the messaging is produced in a way that causes your target audience to engage with it and ultimately convert.

Below are a few ways Kupaa can assist in producing media that converts followed by some examples of our work.

Kupaa Production Services:

Promotional Videos

Social Media Content


Video Commercials (Social/TV etc.)

Live Stream Events/Sales

Drone Video/Photos

Podcast Production & Editing (Including professional studio at the Tupelo, MS location)

Even if you didn't see exactly what you are looking for, we may be able to help. Reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

About the Kupaa Brand

Get to know the Kupaa Brand:

The name: KUPAA is a Swahili word for "Ascend, or to go up." Even within the logo and word KUPAA you see the word "UP" in it. With us choosing the Apex Predator for this division of a Golden Eagle, and our main brand of APEX, going up just fits. Why the eagle? we will discuss that in just a moment.


Back to the name, we chose to use a Swahili word for the very reason that it is the native language used by the locals of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world (very APEX). All of these reasons, led us to decide on the name Kupaa for this division.


The Golden Eagle: Since this division is media/video/picture based, which are all visual aspects, choosing the Apex Predator with the best eyesight made perfect sense. Eagles have such good eyesight, they can see a rabbit up to 2 miles away. This along with several terms like Eagle Eye and Eyes Like An Eagle, made this one of the easier decisions from a branding standpoint.


But why a Golden Eagle and not a Bald Eagle? Well, first, Bald Eagles are set aside to represent America, so we are not trying to take away from that and offend veterans or any patriot out there. Secondly, Golden Eagle feathers are the most sacred and honored feathers that American Indians can have in their headdress. Golden Eagle feathers are very historic and also show a level of quality, respect, and elite status, which we plan to deliver on any project that passes through KUPAA.


The Brand Colors: Showing we have done our research and also know about video and film, we chose to use the most widely used and famous colors in film. Any version of Orange and a tealish blue can be seen in almost every movie you have or will ever see. The reasoning is because it touches emotions within each person and creates a dramatic feel. You can google this to learn more, but it's a real thing and made this part of the branding easy for us to settle on.

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