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Reaching Apex Through Social Media Marketing.

Updated: Jan 30

Reaching Apex through Social Media Marketing
Reaching Apex through Social Media Marketing


We are sure you didn't get into business to make sure people "Like" your Facebook page.

If you did, well maybe you could work with us.

Most business owners we speak with have one of the following issues with SOCIAL MEDIA:​

They don't know how to "do it", or what they should put on it

They don't have the time to be consistent with using it

They don't feel it provides any real value back to their "bottom line"

If you agree with any of those points, then you have come to the right place.

Social Media  Stats.
Reaching Apex Through Social Media Marketing


There are multiple ways to pull off a great social media strategy. The key to all of them is just that, strategy. ​Let's look at what options, you as a business owner, have to get your social media producing results. To do that, we need to break down each of the "normal" issues mentioned earlier.​

THE QUICK FIX "I Don't Know How To Do It, Or What To Put On It." If this is the only issue that applies to you, and you have the time/available help to handle the work, you are in luck. We have a FREE 72 PAGE "30 Day Action Plan" for you to use and solve all of your Social Media worries. Send your email in the chat located on the bottom right of any page of our website, and we will send it to you for FREE. Then you are all set, unless another issue applies to you as well. In that case, you may want to continue reading.


"I don't have the time to be consistent with using it."

This is probably the most common response when diving in to Social Media with a business owner. Most realize the importance and opportunity, but just post when "they have time" or "they think about it". The problem here is the lack of strategy and the low execution. There are two ways to get around this obstacle and we can help with both.

  1. Come up with a strategy, goal, and schedule out the posts through META (for FB and Insta). This isn't the best option, but it is the cheapest. Use the above 30 DAY ACTION GUIDE for ideas, but then take one day a week and schedule out the posts to automatically go out.

  2. This one, is where you find a company to do it for you. A company with a proven track record, an affordable investment amount needed, and then have it done for you. The biggest advantage is the time savings the business owner gets. The close second is that a company that is good at it can use their understanding of the platforms, algorithms, audiences, trends, and key metrics to make the results more impactful.

​​ If you are open to the second option, we would love to offer our services to you for less than it would cost you to hire a minimum wage employee.


"I don't feel it provides any real value back to my "bottom line""

Do you know how much a GOLF CLUB is worth in my hand? Whatever it cost. However, if you take that same GOLF CLUB and put it into the hands of TIGER WOODS during his prime, it would be worth over 1 BILLION DOLLARS. The simple, yet very valuable, difference is...what you are able to do with it. The point here is this, SOCIAL MEDIA is a revenue monster when used correctly. Saying that it doesn't have value or not worth the effort, is basically admitting you need a TIGER WOODS of Social Media to grab the "clubs" and make it provide a return. There really isn't much else we can say to explain this part any easier. If you want to see a return, you have to make the investment. Either a serious investment into the time it takes to research, learn, then keep learning as trends change, and finally the time it takes to do the work. OR Invest financially into a company that does it everyday for all client types. (Like Us) If you want to go the "TIME" route, we suggest starting with our FREE 30 DAY ACTION PLAN you can get by clicking the button below. If you want to go the "TIGER WOODS" route, click the button that says "Get Started" below.

Here is a video to help with this point:


In 2023, most marketing companies will offer some type of social media marketing or even account management. So of course, we couldn't stop there.

Other company's Social Media Marketing
Other company's Social Media Marketing

Reaching Apex Social Media Marketing
Reaching Apex Social Media Marketing

​The key is to do it. Even if you don't want to hire someone, or even if you don't do it well, Nike that thing and Just Do It.


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