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Apex Marketing Team is a full-stack marketing agency focused on digital design, development, and conversion. Serving the entire United States with locations in:
Tupelo, MS | Destin, FL | Memphis, TN | Huntsville, AL | New York City, NY 

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Reaching the top of Everest takes a lot of things including: courage, money, time, training, stamina, and so on. One thing most people don't know, is it also requires a Sherpa to complete this task if you take the traditional route to the Apex. A Sherpa is a local native that is familiar with Everest and is paired with climbers to help them navigate the climb. This assistance helps them avoid many common obstacles and also provides valuable insight into how to not only survive the climb, but how to get to the Apex. 

Apex Marketing Team, wants to be your Sherpa to the Apex of your field. As a full service "native" of the marketing industry, you no longer need to have multiple companies to handle parts of your marketing. You can now have one company to handle it all.

Why does that matter to you?

We have a saying, not originally ours, but we live by it. "One throat to choke". That means, if you have a partner helping with all things marketing, you always know how and who to go to when you have to adapt or correct quickly. So we made sure to get the best we could find in each service offering and put them all under one roof. 

Our core service is creativity and brand marketing. We believe that before you can extract value (asking people to buy from you or use your service), there has to be a value built to extract from. We start at the base, even a domain name or social media handle, and work up to build that value so extracting is easy and natural. 

If you are looking for someone that has a team that can ensure your climb to the top is as easy as possible, then we are your Sherpa. 

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You have a goal, we have a plan.

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APEX MARKETING - Strategy/ Branding/ Development

APEX UNTAMED - Event/ Talent Promotion

KUPAA - Livestream/ TV/ Promo/ Social Media

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Unlike most marketing agencies, we do a lot of "outside the box" marketing along with the traditional marketing tactics used like digital, web, and even social media.

Below is an introduction into all of the departments within the Apex Marketing Team family.


If you aren't sure what you need exactly, give us a call at 662-505-APEX(2739)  schedule a STRATEGY SESSION, or start a chat down below at any point and we will get you to the right people. 

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"If anyone is on the fence about using Apex Marketing Team…listen to me…DO IT! You won’t regret it."

"I can't say enough good things about Apex Marketing Team.... We were skeptical about several things when it came to hiring a marketing team...because, let's face it..small businesses and especially start ups like mine have very small advertisement budgets and a small financial margin for error. I’m also very particular about how my company is portrayed and I’m a bit of a perfectionist… Prior to to hiring Apex our best video topped out at 620 views and I think 15 shares…and half of that was due to me pumping money into the video by boosting it for a week. The very first video that Apex Marketing Team took on for us gained over 800 views and 45 shares in under 24 hours…THAT’S POWERFUL REACH!! I’m typing this review 8 days after I originally posted the video and it is sitting at well over 1K views and 63 shares, ORGANICALLY!! To get those kind of results on our own, we would have had to spend waaaay more money boosting it with FB than we did by hiring Apex. I’m so pumped about it that I’m going to start boosting it now. Kyle and team are remarkable to work with and can really capture the essence of your company. If anyone is on the fence about using Apex Marketing Team…listen to me…DO IT! You won’t regret it."


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Thank you for taking the time to get to know us here at APEX Marketing Team.


We would love the chance to get to know you and your business.


Feel free to give us a call 662-505-APEX(2739), chat with us on here, or use the button below to schedule a free STRATEGY SESSION. 

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