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Reaching apex through A.i. marketing.

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What is "predator"?

Predator, by APEX, is the most advanced marketing system available today.

Not by just APEX, but by anyone that is in the marketing space.


Founded on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and backed by experienced marketing professionals, Predator is the future in marketing. Apex Marketing Team is proud to bring this state of the art system to the marketing industry and looks forward to using it to deliver "killer results" for our clients.

Here's how PREDATOR works:

Predator will hunt down any data across your industry type, social platforms, and search engines about you and your competition. It will also show Ad & Social creative that is currently working within your industry, as well as test any ad campaign within 24 hours so you don't waste money on an ineffective ad spend.


Predator will then layout a structured process to overtake market share from your competition in all areas available in marketing. This includes Search, Social, & Advertising.


Then, the humans behind the Predator team go to work on executing that process. 


You gain clients, revenue, and market share through the "killer results" delivered by Predator.

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guaranteed results

Using the PREDATOR technology, we offer guaranteed results on most of the services within the PREDATOR family. 

This means, you  can now invest in marketing with zero risk

See the services below for more details. 



PREDATOR had it's start in search, breaking down ways to improve SEO and increase your rank on sites like Google & Bing. 

As it evolved, PREDATOR is now able to not just improve SEO through competitive ranking, but can actually hijack searches directly away from your competition when a potential client searches for keywords you lock through PREDATOR on Google or Bing. GUARANTEED.

This technology was just used by Wal-Mart and had the proven results promised within 45 days.


Ever wanted to see all the ads currently working for your competition, or even just within your industry so you could use them to create the best ads for your business?


What if you could test an ad within 24 hours instead of the standard 7 day period with a minimal budget, just to ensure you didn't waste your ad spend?

Yeah, us too. 

Predator does everything listed above along with even managing your campaign budget to shift spend when one method is preforming better than another to guarantee maximum results. 



Social Media has never been easier, more effective, and all backed by guaranteed results until now. 

Predator can do all of the following tasks for any client on Social Media:

  • Create content based on what will work, not just what a designer thinks "looks good"

  • Guaranteed REAL ORGANIC follower growth from 1k to 100k available

  • Guaranteed Targeted Direct Message campaigns to users within your chosen demographic

  • Guaranteed Engagement with your content from interested users

There is really no other way to do Social Media this targeted and effective. Every other way will soon be obsolete.

look, we get it

We understand how "new" a.i. is to most people. Some people are even scared one day it will take over the world. 

Although we don't know the future, we do know that any tool or technology that can improve results is worth looking at. 

We at APEX did just that, we took a look at A.I. and what it offers marketing. What we found and then built upon, is absolutely game changing. To be able to offer our clients such insight, and even guarantee results, is just something that prior to PREDATOR wasn't available within marketing. 

If you are interested in learning more, have questions, or would like to get started using PREDATOR, use the button below to schedule a call. 

with a human

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