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You need a break, but does your business?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

It's that time of year again. Kids are out of school, the sun is out, and the beaches are calling your name. You have worked so hard since this time last year and have decided it's time to load everyone up and head for the closest sandy escape.

You set your "Out of Office" email up in Outlook and tell all of your key clients you are going to be gone for a week. If you are your own boss, you may even post something on social media about how you appreciate all of your clients and how you will be back refreshed the following Monday.

You need a break, but does your business?

The law of Inertia is typically left for the field of physics, but we believe it actually applies to this scenario. Inertia states that things put in motion will continue forever unless another force stops it. Same concept as momentum, but we wanted to make our 8th grade science teacher proud and actually use "Inertia" later in life because she said we would. Guess she was right.

So, where were we? Oh yeah, how the sand between our toes could put distance between us and our business if we don't keep things trending in the right direction even while we are gone.

What if, while you are getting a nice tan, you were also bringing in new clients and upselling your current clients?

Well have no fear, that's why we're here.

Here are the Top 5 things you can do to make sure your business doesn't take a vacation with you this summer.

Number 1: Know what you take with you

Every business has employees that are awesome at somethings, but couldn't even start to handle some other aspect of the business.

It's important to know what you are taking with you when you leave. Whatever areas of the business are held up by your hard work, plan for those to be looked after while you are gone. This could be anything from ensuring invoices are sent out all the way to closing deals for the company. According to what you come up with, you may need a few helpful hands while you are gone. The key to our other tips begins with this step of self evaluation.

Number 2: When the cats away the mice will play

Sure this is an oldie, but we feel its a goodie. If you are the one who drives revenue or manages productivity, this tip is for you. This tip is also for any sales person who tells their clients they are going to be gone.

The tips is this, assume that while you are gone employees will be less productive, sales people will be out golfing, and your clients will answer a cold call from a competitor that offers them something and you aren't around to tell them how bad of an idea it is to leave.

If you start with these thoughts in your mind, you can begin to form a plan to avoid it actually happening.

Here is an example:

To help increase employee productivity while you are gone, it is a great idea to come up with an incentive based contest. This concept will also work with sales people. If you get them to become self motivated to win the contest, they won't even realize you were missing.

You can also motivate clients to stay loyal during your absence.

How? Try this.

People are motivated by "FOMO". No we did not just make that up, it's been around for years. FOMO, better known as the Fear of Missing Out, is a key strategy used in motivating someone to do something. In this case, of being gone, schedule something with the client for when you get back. Don't just tell them you are going to be gone, plan something that you know they will not want to miss for when you return. According to your budget and style it could be something as extravagant as getting a suite for the next baseball game or as simple as taking them to their favorite place to eat. The key is to have something planned for after your trip to keep them loving you while you are away.

Number 3: I'm only one call away

I hope we don't get sued for using this song title in our blog, but it does fit.

Although you deserve a break and have done everything to ensure you actually get one while you are away, you still need to be within reach if things go south. Of course, you might not want to tell everyone that they can "give you a call if they need anything", but there are some key people and situations you may want to setup an emergency plan for.

Yes, we do have some tricks for this one too.

-Make sure there is a clear definition on what an emergency is. You should define it prior to you leaving so there is no question as to if they should call you or not.

-Only 1 or 2 people should have a way to contact you. If you go above this number and an emergency does happen, you are then slammed with people letting you know. Keep your circle close on this one so you can manage chaos and your sun screen at the same time.

Number 4: keep your eyes open

So I'm not sure what you do for a living, and I'm sure everyone that reads this probably does different things. What I am sure about is that opportunity strikes everywhere.

Some of the best songs ever written were done while the artist was "relaxing" for lack of a more descriptive term. While you are taking your mind out of the day to day grind, use that free space in your thoughts to consider opportunities that may have been there for a while but you were just too busy to see them.

Here's a great way to get those juices flowing:

-Begin with this simple question, if there was no limit on money, how would I grow the business? This question is proven to allow you to release the stress of "paying for it" and begin thinking about the big picture. You'll almost certainly begin with, I would add more employees, or equipment, or locations, advertising, or all of the above. Once you get your wish list made in that moment, move on to this second step.

-Out of all of those things I would do, which one will increase my revenue the most, but cost me the least. This is the pivotal moment where you will clearly see where your focus should be when you return to the office on Monday. It may be that you can only narrow it down to 2 things instead of 1, if that is the case ask yourself, which one will I enjoy working on the most. That should eliminate one for sure.

Number 5: What if it's a ghost?

Yes, we saved this one for last because it's something we can help with, but if you are

savvy with technology you can handle it as well.

Instead of loosing momentum on social media with a "We are reducing hours" or "we will be leaving you hanging for a week while we go plan in the sand", use social media for it's real purpose-to stay in touch.

Did you know that Facebook has a "Vacation Responder"? Well, sure enough, it does. Also, you have the ability to schedule posts for every hour of every day you will be gone...okay you can, but don't really do that.

The point is, utilize these platforms to drive revenue and build relationships while you are gone even though you are gone.

See, now the title makes sense right? Like a ghost is posting for you...alright, I'll admit, it may have been a little "dad joke-ish" of us.

The bottom line

You do need a break, but your business doesn't need to take it with you. By using these tips you will not only get to enjoy your time away, but know that you are still carrying momentum with you when you get back.

So go enjoy your trip, but bring us back at least a t-shirt.


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