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Welcome to all things APEX. Here you can find Marketing Insights, Apex News, and Information about the upcoming #REACHINGAPEX podcast. 


Updated: Apr 25

Very few people will ever get the experience of knowing what the wind feels like at almost 30,000ft. Honestly, more people will attempt to experience it, but give up or even die trying. Why do people try such a underdog feat? Why have so many tried and failed, sacrificing thousands and even their lives when they know what is stacked against them? Simply put, the answer is a mindset known as "The Apex Mindset". This future Podcast: #ReachingApex will deep dive into this "all or nothing" mindset.

The Apex Mindset

The Apex Mindset can be seen in elite athletes, world record holders, feat accomplishing individuals, and even in animals. The mentality that you must obtain another level becomes an obsession to someone with this mindset, and nothing will satisfy them until they reach the top. A host of the Apex Mindset will risk it all, even their lives, just to obtain what they have deemed as "the top". Some people, or animals, are born with this hunger to be at the top, while others develop it due to their environment or circumstance.

The question becomes:

-How do you know if you have this preloaded within you?


-How can I get it?

This very question has prompted, not only our brand, but a passionate study of this "Apex Mindset".

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#reachingapex podcast
#reachingapex podcast


This upcoming podcast will be an exploration and application of the "Apex Mindset". We draw parallels from the Apex of Everest, Apex athletes, Apex Businesses/Entrepreneurs, and even our favorite Apex Predator, The Lion. We discuss their journeys and decode how we can use these examples to help us in #reachingapex in our lives.

The #reachingapex podcast is scheduled to launch sometime in July 2021. We will have special guest interviews, entertaining dialogue, and probably a few bloopers. At the end of the journey, however long that may be, the hope is we are all more inline with "The APEX Mindset". Be on the lookout for #reachingapex wherever you listen to podcasts.

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