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Direct Marketing

Think of Brand Marketing as the before, and Direct Marketing as the after. 

Brand marketing builds value in what you do or sell. Direct marketing, on the other hand, extracts the value that you have built. 

Where you direct market depends on the traffic of your target customers. As an example, targeting people with discounts for senior citizens would not do well on TikTok, but if you slide that in to the 6am news cast, you are on to something.   

How you direct market is based on your brand. If your brand is built on trust and reliability, a "call now", "click here" style campaign would not yield great results. For this example, you would want to approach your target audience with testimonials and reviews with a great price and they will figure out how to click or call without you saying it. This is "on brand" direct marketing. 



Advertising Methods:

Radio, TV, Social Media, Search Engine Ads, YouTube, Email Marketing, Printed Ads, Outdoor, Influencer, Sponsorships


Ad Creative Design



Phone Recording

Phone Lead Tracking

Call Center Services

More about direct marketing

Once you've established a brand and built the value in it, then it is time to begin Direct Marketing. Direct Marketing is when you ask people to do business with you and extract the value you have built within your brand.


We have experience and can help with every type of advertising your business may need. Printed, Radio, TV, Social Media, Search Engine, YouTube, Hulu, TikTok, Email Campaigns, the list really could go on forever. 


We always pair your advertising with measurables. We setup things like Google analytics, Facebook Pixel, and a couple secret sauce reports that help maximize every advertising dollar available.


We also can help with handling calls, recording calls, or even tracking the source of the calls so you know that every dollar is tracked and you can see the ROI on it. 

Reporting is really the key when it comes to seeing what works and what doesn't. The old saying is true, "Numbers Never Lie", and your reports will tell the story. 

In addition to all this, we want you to know we are in it with you, so all advertising campaigns have the option of a weekly call so we can review the reports together and make sure we are maximizing your efforts. 

We prefer to only Direct Market with clients that we have either established their brand or done a brand review on. The reason we do this, is because conversion is only as strong as the weakest part of the brand. We have to make sure everything is working together to ensure you get the results you want. 

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